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      As a special communication device, reliability is particularly important. It is also important to be able to adapt to the harsh environment and the ability to work without interruption. This requires the engineer to design a reasonable and corresponding production process. Waterproof, temperature and humidity, collision, high temperature, low temperature, and even explosion are within the scope of the test. As a professional walkie-talkie, large to the fuselage, as small as a button, a body of the internal cable, are professionally designed. And casually bought the bargain, not through the scientific design, simply can not stand the harsh environment. Even if you do not enter the harsh environment, his materials will make the machine aging very fast, such as poor reception sensitivity, dust apron aging cracking, parts off, key loss of function, and even audio part of the loss of function and so on. I have many years of experience, the wonderful work of the problem in the unqualified walkie-talkie are not surprising. In addition, the reliability of the software is also very important. At present, most of the domestic walkie-talkie are a template of the cottage, the software is immature. Especially in the channel storage often problems. So be sure to choose a reliable radio.



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