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In the industry group, security can be seen everywhere, as the walkie talkie industry loyal customer base, walkie-talkie is an essential tool for the security industry. Mobile Radio Supplier to tell you about what kind of walkie-talkie is most suitable for security workers to use.

Security work often encounter more unexpected events, easy limb collision, so the best security with no screen and keyboard and easy to break the walkie-talkie.

General market sales of 400-420MHZ, 450-470MHZ, there are 400-470MHZ all the walkie-talkie, the whole section of the machine versatility, it is recommended to buy a full section.

According to the security of this industry long working hours, you need a better feel of the walkie-talkie, reduce the fatigue.

As some special security work requires the contents of the call has a certain degree of confidentiality, so the walkie-talkie must have a confidential call function.

Security work environment generally in the property, residential, factories and other places, these environments are mostly building-intensive, noise, so the walkie-talkie must have a distance from the call, anti-interference ability.



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