How to set the frequency of handheld transceiver


       The same frequency is the premise of two handheld transceivers can talk, many people think that as long as the two interphones are the same brand can call, it is not true, if not the same frequency, even if the same brand, the same type of walkie-talkie can not talk; if the frequency The same, even if it is not the same brand of walkie-talkie can call, so how the frequency of walkie-talkies is very important.

       In general, handheld transceiver is divided into two types: one is a professional walkie-talkie, there is an amateur walkie-talkie, FM radio two methods are different.

       Amateur interphone body can directly use the fuselage comes with the knob to FM, generally have a fixed stage, as long as the two radios tune to the same frequency band can call. Professional walkie-talkie need to be connected to the computer to FM, just as the phone and the computer connected to the same, through the data cable, driver, software to read and write interphone frequency.



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