The advantages of digital radio


      As a safety communication product, security must be the core. In actual operation, users do not need to change their habits and do not affect the normal functions of the digital radio. Whether group or point-to-point encrypted communication or call, comprehensive.

      Digital radio greatly save the radio spectrum, so most of the digital radio is a voice channel equivalent occupancy 6.25kHzk bandwidth, which is half the frequency of the general analog interphone.

      Digital radio feature in-system error correction to achieve better speech-to-audio quality in a wider range of signal environments with less audible noise and clearer sound.

      Digital radio improve and improve voice and data integration, changing the weakness of control signals as communication distances increase. Provide better data processing and interface functions, so that more data applications can be integrated into the same two-way wireless communication base station structure, voice and data services integration more perfect and more convenient.

      With the deepening of the digital radio application and irreplaceable development, as the coin double-sided, digital radio facing security risks, based on a broad open space for transmission, interphone content easily eavesdropping, especially involving police handling, training exercises , Scientific research experiments, the frequency of calls are usually more frequent, each sentence carries the "high content of information," any one of the interception may have serious consequences, to some extent, the use of digital intercom communication more secure In fact, more attention should be given.



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