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      There are four main types of radio waves, namely, ground wave, sky wave, space wave and scattered wave.

      1. Ground wave: radio waves spread along the ground called waves, also known as surface waves. The shorter the wavelength of the radio waves, the more easily absorbed by the ground, so only the long wave and the wave can be spread on the ground.

      2. Sky wave: after the air ionospheric reflection or refraction to return to the ground after the radio wave called days. Shortwave (ie, high frequency) is the best band that uses ionospheric reflection to propagate. The propagation mode using ionospheric reflection is called sky wave transmission.

      3. Space wave: direct wave and ground reflection wave collectively referred to as spatial waves, the propagation of which depends mainly on the troposphere and the ground. Ultrashort waves are usually transmitted using spatial waves.

      4. Scattering waves: the use of troposphere or ionospheric scattering of radio waves and the spread of radio waves, the propagation of the situation depends mainly on the troposphere or ionosphere. The use of scattered waves can be achieved in the short-wave distance and long-range communications and radar remote reconnaissance.

      In the wave, short wave and long wave transmission process, the longest wave is the most stable.



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