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Today's digital walkie-talkie on the market, so many buyers at a loss, troubled endless. Today Huaan Xixiang walkie-talkie company chief engineer suggested from the following nine aspects to consider, select your suitable digital walkie-talkie:

First, look at technical martial art

The current walkie-talkie is basically from the three major technical martial: DMR, DPMR, PDT. Which is DMR is the first time to publish a large number of manufacturers, the user is the largest number.

Select the walkie-talkie is the first consideration of its technical standards which martial art, because the standard determines the reliability and functionality of the radio N problem:

1. The most reliable, the more mature technical standards means that the technical and product reliability, mature technical standards generally have a complete industrial chain and supporting services, to provide you with more choice of models and all-round Integrated services.

2. With the mainstream: a good technical standards to follow the mainstream, to seize and meet the needs of users. If the technical standards of spectrum efficiency is higher, the call capacity is the original several times, this walkie-talkie is the current spectrum of resources in the case of the best choice of products.

3. Easy Unicom: different technical standards of the walkie-talkie is not Unicom. If you have a walkie-talkie and need to communicate with other walkie-talkies, you need to understand each other's technical standards.

Second, look at product technology

The process determines the quality. Walkie-talkie body using a good material durable, with superior anti-drop performance. The internal process is very elegant, low-cost radio battery using a fixed charge battery, reliable walkie-talkie will choose no glue pad is the battery more reliable. Quality and durability of the walkie-talkie manufacturers will generally carry out the aging test of the walkie-talkie, in line with strict quality standards, so that walkie-talkie products more durable.

Third, look at product features

One of the features of the digital walkie-talkie is the powerful and rich, you may feel helpless, in fact, when you choose to consider some of their own needs will buy favorite radio products.

1. Tracking positioning: suitable for large coverage, mobile users.

2. Digital trunking: suitable for multi-sectoral collaboration

3. Digital link: suitable for communication with those who carry other communication tools

4. Transmission interruption: suitable for anytime, anywhere delivery of information

Fourth, look at industry characteristics

Different industries on the radio requirements are not the same, from the appearance to the inside.

1. Outside requirements: If the hotel staff asked the walkie-talkie light, easy to carry, suitable for private communications, and field staff and firefighters are like buttons too large walkie-talkie, so easy to wear gloves is able to operate correctly.

2. Special performance requirements: petrochemical industry requirements with explosion-proof performance of the order will protect the lives of people is the life of the respect for life. Railways, forestry and other industries on the requirements of the walkie-talkie is durable, anti-drop performance, in the transport, sports, entertainment and other outdoor industry is more demanding walkie-talkie waterproof performance of the walkie-talkie.

Five, to see the degree of intelligence

The degree of intelligence of the walkie-talkie can be embodied in the end of the walkie-talkie, but also in his system, such as walking back and forth in the outdoor staff can adjust the use of the environment according to the size of the walkie-talkie, walkie-talkie can also be integrated into the unit workflow Easy to shoot a single, track the work of the staff, found improvements, enhance the overall quality of the enterprise.

Six, look at the use of the cycle

Some users to buy rugged walkie-talkie can be used for more than ten years, longer use means lower cost, frequent replacement and maintenance will increase the cost of using the walkie-talkie.

Seven, to see value-added services

Digital walkie-talkie after-sales service is not limited to maintenance and replacement of content, software upgrades means that the updated features and more features. The user of the walkie-talkie should see if the manufacturer can provide other services other than regular after-sales service, such as software upgrades, battery replacement and so on.

Eight, see manufacturers

Users who buy radio products must choose a regular channel, such as authorized dealers. Must look at the dealer's authorization and certification information.

Nine, identify the authenticity

As for the identification of authenticity, we will not talk about the market fake and shoddy products too much, it is recommended that you look at the multi-election to discuss some of the industry professionals in the walkie-talkie industry.



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