The principle of two way radio communication


      Two way radios are used to transmit and receive voice messages. Each two-way radio includes a transmitter and a receiver, a microphone and a microphone, an antenna and a set of power supplies. Portable two-way wireless communication uses battery power, while vehicle-mounted radios can use the car's power supply.

     The user speaks into the microphone and the voice signal is converted into an electronic signal. This signal is amplified by the transmitter into a radio signal and transmitted to the antenna. The antenna transmits the radio signal to the air.

The recipient's antenna receives the radio signal and sends this signal to the receiver. The receiver converts this radio signal to its original voice, which is then released by the loudspeaker of the radio transceiver. At this point, the original information can be heard.

     Simple two way radio system

     When two or more radios “talk” to each other, they must operate on the same frequency. In a single frequency simplex system, each radio user can transmit or receive information at any time. This is different from a telephone system, which is a duplex system that can speak and listen at the same time.

     Therefore, before the user speaks, it must pay attention to whether the radio system's channel is open.



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