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Quality Control

Qixiang Science & Technology Co., Ltd. have set up a perfect quality system control in accordance with the quality guideline of “More Satisfaction? Monitoring and controlling the entire process is carried out by our excellent QC department which keen on the first-rate technology. Our company have passed ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001: 2004 certificate; products are FCC/CE approved and got national approval from South Africa’s and Malaysia’s wireless equipments management department. The quality supervision runs through the line of developing, purchasing, producing, QC testing and improving.

QC of research: The design of our products are strictly according to International Industrial Standard & U.S. Military Standard, and supervised in developing process canonically; carried out systemic testing in every step of development to ensure the high-quality product output.  Create a win-win situation is where our future is.

QC of raw material: Our company has developed standard purchasing management system and IQC testing room. Cooperated long and stable relationship with eligible & first-rate suppliers (PANASONIC, FUJITSU, TDK, TOSHIBA, HITACHI, MITSUBISH, ROHM, MURATA) whom screen out strictly.

QC of production: Our company have frame out canonical technics guidance, and producing in terms of schedule strictly to ensure the formality, control of sked and retroactivity of abnormal quality. The automatic tip device JUKI2050 and other sophisticated instruments are used to control the whole process. All products must get approval of sample reliability and shipment test.  We carry out three steps of train mechanism for our operators and QC checker : train before working; train on job period; special skill for position. Establishing and implementing assessment system of quality by intensify the function of self-inspection and inter-inspection.

QC of finished product: Our company has established corresponding procedure and certificated file. Carrying out dynamic management and control according to MIL-STD-150E, sample ?standard and our corresponding certificated rules. Meanwhile, it should undergo rigorous environment tests. Such as aging test, high & low temperature test, temperature concussion test, solar radiation test, caught in the rain test, fall down test, shaking test and so on. They are tested strictly in accordance with US-MIL-810C, D, E standard and the reliable tests guarantee the high quality. And to ensure them to make a stable specification & excellent performance in all kinds of working environment. Up to the national technology standard is the base requirement for our products, also:

The index margin between different passel should be controlled in 10% ;
The index margin between different frequency of the same product should be limited in 10% ;
The index margin between different working temperature of the same product should be controlled in 10% ;
The index fluctuation of the same product in 3 years should be limited in 10% ;
The maintenance ratio of any kind of product in 2 years should be controlled below 3% .
QC of improvement: Our company actives in collecting feedbacks from clients and rational suggestion in interior, so as to improve and perfect the quality of products. Make for family, make for clients.