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  • Why do we choose Mobile Radio Supplier?

    As an important branch of mobile communication, walkie-talkie is widely used in public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railway, manufacturing, construction, tourism a...

  • What should I do if the vehicle radio signal is poor?

    Driving on the road, in addition to listening to the whole music to cultivate the sentiment, then listen to the radio, by the way to understand the real-time road conditions, but this car radio is n...

  • Handheld Radio needs to apply for procedures

    Whether it is a radio intercom, or a variety of handheld mobile phones, all belong to the scope of radio. In accordance with the general requirements, should go to the radio management agen...

  • Why can't I use two way radio at will?

    Like all public roads in a car, all two way radios share the same radio spectrum. Without scientific management, there will be mutual interference and even major accidents. Therefore, the world a...

  • Classification of cell phone repeater

    As the mobile phone signal is through the transmission of electromagnetic waves to establish a communication connection. Due to the constraints of the building or terrain conditions, especially i...

  • The introduction of vehicle radio

    Vehicle radio radio is a can be installed in vehicles, ships, aircraft and other vehicles directly on the power supply by the vehicle, and the use of cars, boats, machine antenna wireless walkie-...