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Buy DMR walkie talkie need to pay attention to

update: 2017-06-05 7749

What do you need to pay attention to before buying a DMR walkie talkie?

1, new or secondhand

If it is second-hand DMR walkie-talkie, buyers should pay attention! Because if you do not have this technology and the necessary test equipment, you can not repair the broken DMR walkie-talkie, and the price of the test equipment may be hundreds of times the walkie-talkie. Usually the price and function of the walkie-talkie is proportional, high-priced walkie-talkie generally have more features than the low-cost walkie-talkie, better structure and more durable.

2, the number of channels

Some walkie-talkies only 16 channels, but some walkie-talkie channels up to 1000. Since each frequency, color code, and talk group together occupy a channel, each DMR turntable requires at least 3-10 storage channels in the walkie-talkie.

3, with a display or without a display

Some walkie-talkies have only one channel selection knob, some walkie-talkie with a display (black and white or color) display group and ID and other information, and some walkie-talkie display only shows the channel number.

4, DTMF keyboard

Some intercom with DTMF keyboard with 12 keys, some walkie-talkie is not. The Mototrbo ™ turntable supports proprietary automatic patching.

5, GPS

Some walkie-talkies support GPS functionality, but DMR does not support APRS (amateur encapsulation data communication reporting system). In a professional network, one of the time slots is typically used for location reporting and is interconnected with server-based scheduling applications. Turning on GPS will shorten battery life.

6, Bluetooth

Some high-end walkie-talkie and Bluetooth headset to match the Bluetooth function. This is a helpful feature for both at work and at home, because it does not disturb other people when receiving a sound. Some Bluetooth-enabled walkie-talkies support wireless communication via Bluetooth wireless connection to the radio for data transmission and programming. There are also some intercom with optional Bluetooth adapter. Turning on the Bluetooth function will shorten battery life.