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The annoouncement about Nanan TYT Co., Ltd illegal acquirement of the technological secret of mobile radio588 from the QiXiang Co., Ltd

update: 2017-10-26 8263


Buyers Beware: TYT Electronics Co. Ltd. of China has been successfully sued and has been instructed to no longer advertise, manufacture, service, export or sell the TYT made copy of the Qixiang - Anytone branded, designed, original radio. TYT was fined approximately $660,000 US Dollars by the Courts. TYT used the Model Number TH-9000 as well as other OEM models labeled for oth-ers.

Compare the Original (Pictured Left), with the Copy (on the Right).

 If you have one of the pictured radios or are prepared to buy one, please note that these were / are exported and sold illegally. Qixiang Electron Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. reserves the right to prosecute those violating the Court Order.

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