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WIFI Radio and Solution


Name: WIFI Radio and Solution

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Application: Hotels,Hospitals, Shopping Mall, Warehouse,Restaurant, Factory,Security/Guards, Sports Center etc.
Network: WIFI 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
Position Sevice: Positioning by connecting AP
PoC (Push to Call)
Value Added Service: Recording, Location and Tracking, Work Order Management, RFID patrol (Optional), Encryption,Duplex Talking (Optional), Customization
Size: 150 x 59 x 27.5mm (with antenna)
Colour: black
Weight: 170g (W/Battery)
Mic Jack: KENWOOD jack
USB: for Charging
Battery Capacity: 60 hours@2800mAh/85 hours@4000mAh
Standard: Radio+Battery+Charger,USB cable, Belt Clip
Special: Torch,IP54, charge by 5V Power Bank and Power supply


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